Migrating Faith: Pentecostalism in the United States and Mexico in the Twentieth Century
Daniel Ramírez 


CEHILA en Estados Unidos y la devoción migrante

Entrevista a Robert Wright​

Coordination, Robert Wrigth


We are an interdisciplinary and international network of researchers who critically retrieve the historical dimension of Latin American and Caribbean Christianity, in its many forms.


​​By reflecting upon the Christian experience in Latin American and Caribbean history, CEHILA intends to provide a space for academic and ecumenical dialogue. We are dedicated to strengthening solidarity and the defense of human dignity by providing critical elements that help make real the diverse subjects of the past.


  • To undertake research and produce new knowledge about Christians’ lived experience in order to recognize and appreciate the dignity of all humanity.
  • To promote, develop, and facilitate the historical study of Christianity and religion in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • To open up an academic space, autonomous from any religious institution or political tendency.


  • To develop research and scholarship about the history of Christianity in the socio-religious reality of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latino/a communities in the United States.
  • To establish research exchanges between relevant academic centers.
  • To collaborate with public and private associations, civil or ecclesiastical, in activities that center on research, preservation of documents, education, and publishing.
  • To publicize events for the exchange of knowledge.